Название: Numerical Earth Models (EET 3)

Автор: J.-L. Mallet

Издательство: EAGE Publications bv

Год издания: 2008

Цена: 1200 руб.

Цена для членов EAGE: 1000 руб.

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J.-L. Mallet. Numerical Earth Models (EET 3)(2008)

In this book the main problems related to the construction of an Earth-Model are presented and discussed. The first three chapters are dedicated to the classical methods that can be used to build numerical models, in particular, the author proposes:
1) some of the classical modeling techniques used in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to model surfaces and their inadequacy for modeling complex geological objects, in particular:
- classical interpolation techniques used to model surfaces;
- topological models used to describe the connections between surfaces and volumes;
2) an overview of geomodeling methods dedicated to the discrete modeling of geological objects, in particular:
- the Discrete-Smooth-Interpolation method (DSI);
- meshing techniques to model surfaces and grids;
3) a presentation of the classical ?Shared-Earth-Model? (SEM) paradigm consisting in a Structural-Model (SM) plus a Property-Model (PM): SEM = SM + PM
4) a discussion concerning the problems raised by the (in) compatibility between the Structural-Model (SM) and the Property-Model (PM).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Classical modeling techniques: an overview
Chapter 2 Discrete Modeling
Chapter 3 Seismic interpretation: an introduction
Chapter 4: Shared Earth Model (SEM)
Chapter 5 Unified Earth Model (UEM)
Chapter 6 FlowGrids

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