Название: Seismic Attribute Mapping of Structure and Stratigraphy

Автор: Satinder Chopra and Kurt J. Marfurt

Год издания: 2006

Цена: 1500 руб.

Seismic Attribute Mapping of Structure and Stratigraphy

This book, Seismic Attribute Mapping of Structure and Stratigraphy, by Satinder Chopra 
and Kurt J. Marfurt, is designed specifically as а companion to Marfurt's 2006 DISC presentation of the same title and is composed primarily of figures from а forthcoming SEG book by the same authors, Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization. 
Seismic data are incredibly rich in information and provide interpreters with measurements of amplitude, frequency, and the configuration or morphology of reflection events. 
Seismic attribute analysis is а rapidly evolving subject because new attributes are added 
every year. Attributes such as volumetric estimates of dip and azimuth, coherence, curvature, amplitude texture, and spectral decomposition can greatly accelerate interpretation of newly acquired 3D surveys and сап provide new insights into old 3D surveys. Successful use of seismic attributes requires an understanding of not only their physical basis but also of the underlying seismic data quality and sedimentary and tectonic processes. 
Both books discuss basic concepts of seismic attributes, their physical significance, and descriptions of the algorithms that generate those attributes. Examples illustrate how seismic attributes prove useful in interpretation and in understanding reservoir properties. 


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