Название: Geological Structure and History of the Arctic Ocean

Авторы: A.M. Nikishin, E.I. Petrov, N.A. Malyshev

Год издания: 2015

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Geological Structure and History of the Arctic Ocean

A new tectonic map of the Arctic is presented, in which the age and basic structural features of the littoral and oceanic sedimentary basins are shown. A description of the structure of the foundation of the littoral and oceanic sedimentary basins and islands of the Arctic is given. On the basis of a synthesis of all available data and the analysis of new Russian seismic studies, a description of the main sedimentary basins of the Barents, Kara, Laptev, East Siberian, and Chukchi seas is given. It shows that the majority of these sedimentary basins are rift and post-rift basins. For the first time, seismic studies of the oceanic zone are presented, created in the course of the Russian Arctic-2011 and Arctic-2012 projects. Based on the interpretation of these studies, characteristics are presented for the Lomonosov Ridge, the Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge, the Chukchi Cap, the Podvodnikov Basin, the Nautilus Basin, the Eurasian Basin, and other structural regions. Data are presented on the structure of the sedimentary basins of the continental slope. A model of the stratigraphy and geological structure of the entire Arctic region is introduced. The timeline of the geological history of the Arctic in the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras is discussed.

Table of contents

Introduction 5

Basement Provinces of the Arctic 7

Sedimentary Basins of the Arctic Shelves 13

Sedimentary Basins of the Arctic Shelf 13

The Norwegian Basins of the Atlantic Continental Margin 13

West Barents System of Basins 13 East Barents Megabasin 15

Pechora Sea Basin 19 South Kara Basin 22 North Kara Basin 22

Laptev Sea Rift System 27

East Siberian Sea Rift System 30

North Chukchi Basin Region 36

Laptev Sea-East Siberian Sea System of Mesozoic Synorogenic Basins 40

South Chukchi Basin 41 The Deep-Water Part of the Arctic Ocean 43

Canada Basin 43

Eurasian Basin 45

Lomonosov-Podvodnikov-Alpha-Mendeleev-Nautilus-Chukchi 53

plateau (LPAMNCP) Area Lomonosov Ridge 53

Podvodnikov Basin 54

Makarov Basin 54

Alpha Ridge and Mendeleev Ridge 55

Chukchi Plateau 59

Nautilus and Toll Basins 61

Singling out of the Amerasian Transform Fault 65

Possible geological models of geological structure and formation of the area of the 65

Alpha-Mendeleev Ridge Sedimentary Basins of Continental Slopes 71

Geological History of the Arctic Ocean 73

References 79

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